Find out why we do what we do

Businesses need to stay in control of what they spend. That’s where Billisimo comes in.

What is Brisk?
Billisimo is an Automated software renewal reminders for your team.

Why Brisk?
Make sure your team is still getting the value you signed up for from your most expensive recurring subscriptions. All those subscriptions cost your business a lot, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Billisimo sends simple automated email reminders (Slack coming soon!) to your team members to be sure they’re still getting value from each service—before the subscription renews. Keep the subscriptions your team loves and uses, get rid of the rest

Why doesn’t Brisk automatically import all my subscriptions?
Simple: we don’t think you should track ALL of your business subscriptions in Billisimo. Billisimo helps you track that your team is getting value from their subscriptions.

The problem with a bank integration
Firstly, your bank doesn’t know who on your team is using which subscription, so we wouldn’t have any way to ask your team if they’re still enjoying each service. It would be really annoying to have to go through months of bank import data and tag employees to each recurring expense we found.

Secondly, the recurring expenses you see on your bank and card statements are often mundane, “utility” things that you don’t want to track in Billisimo, like Starbucks balance reloading, your power bill, and the maid service for your office. Since you’re not going to cancel those utility expenses anytime soon, there’s no need to track those services in Billisimo.