Find out what we do

Businesses need to stay in control of what they spend. That’s where OneVirt comes in.

What is OneVirt?
OneVirt is a Hosting provider which provides powerful cloud services at affordable pricing.

Why OneVirt?
We are an established company and have experience of more than 12+ Years in Hosting services. We provides powerful cloud services which is suitable for start-ups and also for Big companies as well.

How much time it takes to setup and deliver the serivces?
All cloud services will deliver instantly once we received and verify the payment. You can see the server activated on our dashboard. However the first boot/OS installation may takes up to 3 minutes.
Our LIR/IPv6 Lease Services may takes up to 24hrs to deliver the rented IPv6 subnet because of additional verification.

Do we block any port?
Yes. In order to protect your email traffic and to keep it clean, we have blocked outgoing email ports. We encourage you to use external email services for your email usage like AWS Ses/mailchimp/Mailgun etc.

Very soon we will launch our own Free Mailrelay service which You can use to send emails.

However we can unblock port for individual clients on request (Business clients only).

Do we provide any refund?
Yes we do, All our services are comes with guaranteed refund in case there’s a problem on our side or if customers are not satisfied. If customers violate our Terms then we may not provide any refund at all.

For Cloud services we offer 3 days refund policy and for LIR services we offers 30 days guaranteed refund.

Gateway fees may not include in the refund amount.